I Am Not Infertile Anymore

Your Right To Conceive

There are millions of women here who are trying to conceive, but cannot for whatever reason. And many of those women were told they are infertile and sometimes so is their mate.

You see, one-third of all infertile couples are infertile because of the woman, one-third is because of the man and one-third is because of both the man and the woman.

And there are all sorts of causes of infertility, too. For example, for the woman it can be low progesterone, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, PCOS, tube blockages, drugs side–effects and other conditions.

For the man it can be low testosterone, low sperm count, abnormal sperm production or function due to undescended testicles, diabetes, or infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, mumps or enlarged veins in the testes (varicocele) also can affect the quality of sperm, including drug side-effects and other conditions.

But most of the causes of infertility are actually not supposed to cause infertility, only make it more difficult, so if you have tried for many years and failed, even after trying IVF, or you can conceive just fine, but you continue to miscarry, then that means these conditions have become chronic and anything chronic means they have been there a long time, probably many years, even decades.

It’s your right to conceive! According to statistics, over 98% of all infertility can be reversed with the right fertility super foods. What are fertility super foods? I’m so glad you asked, because they are only found right here.

why is infertility increasing

Why Is Infertility Increasing

Why Infertility Is Increasing – contamination and poison! 99.99% of all land has been under attack by giant toxic chemical companies eager to sell as much of their poison as possible. Many decades ago, they got together and started to systematically convince thousands of farmers that they should spray their crops with insecticide, because insects destroy crops.

But does it make any sense to kill insects with poison that also contaminates the food they grow and then you eat? Of course not! It makes no sense at all. But contaminated food and drinks are not the only big culprits. Big Pharma spews out billions of pills to millions and billions of people here and all over the world, which all damage reproductive organs. And let’s not forget the vitamin and supplement industry that is mostly owned by Big Pharma, either directly or indirectly.

All the main products that line store shelves all across the country are all controlled mostly by Bog Pharma. How? Every single artificial nutrient you see on all those ‘vitamin & supplement’ labels were once created inside a laboratory inside Big Pharma. You didn’t think 1,000 mg of vitamin C actually exists in nature, did you? Of course it doesn’t, but it does exist inside a laboratory where everything is synthesized.

And guess what, your body is not synthetic or artificial at all, it’s 100% organic! I know I know…you were hoping you could swallow a million milligrams of whatever you are shown on some supplement facts label and walla! you’re receiving all your nutrition. Unfortunately, you can ask anyone with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, lupus and on and on, if they take vitamins or supplements every day and they will surely answer YES.

You’re skeptical, right? You don’t want to take anyone’s word that anything works or that it is healthy, because you’re skeptical, right? Good! Then that means you only believe what you see, so since that is true, if someone tells you they have taken vitamins and supplements their whole life, but they are sick and now dying, wouldn’t you say results speak much louder than words? I sure would.

The Main Cause Of Your Infertility Is Contamination

It’s not rocket science, in fact, you don’t even need a degree in anything to know what contamination means and what it does to your body. You’ve heard of rat poison, right? Well, the average person here consumes 50-100 pounds of pesticides, herbicides growth regulators, fillers, preservatives, additives, HFCS and a slew of other toxic ingredients every single year of their life!

Especially if they juice raw fruit or vegetables that are raised with pesticides and/or GMOs, then you can basically guarantee “infertility” will be the least of your worries. All this poison accumulates inside your organs, muscles, nerves, joints and bones.

Please change what you think is healthy, then and only then will you finally prevent infertility and actually restore some very healthy functions in your body you had lost. It’s feels so good to wake up without pain, without inflammation, without headaches or migraines, without joint pain, without any gut issues and so many more benefits you can expect. Your first step towards truly healthy fertility starts with TrulyHealthyMe.com

Testosterone Booster

What Is A Good Testosterone Booster?

There are a bunch of Testosterone Boosters online and they all claim to help boost your testosterone, but how exactly does that happen? When you look at the ingredients, there does not seem to be a single truly healthy ingredient to be found and certainly none that can boost anything, let alone your testosterone.

The truth is that your hormones, including testosterone, all react to new substances in your blood stream, so you could suck on candy, eat ice cream, even eat sushi throughout the day and watch your hormone levels fluctuate up and down. Does this mean your testosterone received a boost? Of course not. It just means your hormones are reacting to whatever is in your blood stream at that particular moment of the day.

So What Is A Good Testosterone Booster?

1. Every ingredient must be a whole food. The reason why this must be a criteria is because hormones are extremely sensitive to anything synthetic, artificial and even food that is processed or cooked in any way, will become nothing more than a placebo ingredient. This means those ‘Testosterone Booster’ labels with their slew of artificial nutrients listed and then some completely processed/cooked herbs thrown in to make it look “all natural”, does absolutely nothing to boost your testosterone or any hormone, besides force them to fluctuate up and down of course, which isn’t a boost at all.

2. Every whole food ingredient must be raw. Why raw? Because again, anything synthetic, artificial or even cooked, will not boost anything, only disrupt. Raw is assimilated immediately by every cell in your body, thereby you experience a true “testosterone boost” the way you should.

3. Each whole food ingredient must be pesticide-free, GMO-free and contaminant-free. Why? Because even if every ingredient was only whole food and every ingredient was in fact raw, if any of the food ingredients were contaminated in any way, then you would be eating contaminated or tainted food, which again would create a disruption to your hormones and not the Testosterone Boost you desire.

The reason why so many here do not believe Testosterone Boosters work is because they all lack one or all of these criteria, so of course they don’t work. Store shelves all across the world are full of artificial products, especially here in the USA where the corruption that drives these tainted, artificial products are controlled by the very same entities you would never want to associate with, because you know how greedy and corrupt they are.

Unfortunately, they continue to work behind the scenes, controlling all the big brands and saturating the industry with nothing but artificial hype that can never provide your body any real boost, only disruption.

So, is there a truly healthy Testosterone Booster that can provide you a real boost to your Testosterone and is healthy enough to continue long-term? YES! There is only one though online and it is apply named, “Testosterone Booster”.

birth control

Birth Control Can Cause Brain Tumors

Women who take birth control pills will not be pleased with a recent discovery that suggests a link between taking the contraceptive and brain tumor development.

Danish researchers have discovered that taking a birth control pill for over five years can more than double the risk of developing a rare form of brain cancer, glioma. The experts analyzed over 300 women who had been diagnosed with glioma over the course of nine years, ultimately discovering that the women who were using progestogen-only birth control methods had a brain tumor risk that was 2.4 times higher than that of the control group.(1)

Team leader Dr. David Gaist, with Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark, said, “In a population of women in the reproductive age, including those who use hormonal contraceptives, you would anticipate seeing 5 in 100,000 people develop a glioma annually.” He feels the study is important, noting that it’s “an important contribution and we hope that our findings will spark further research on the relationship between female hormonal agents and glioma risk.”

“Two-fold” risk of developing brain tumor

The study, titled, “Hormonal contraceptive use and risk of glioma among younger women a nationwide case-control study,” was published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

It states: Oral contraceptive use influences the risk for certain cancers; however, few studies have examined any link with risk of central nervous system tumors. We investigated the association between hormonal contraceptive use and glioma risk among premenopausal women in a population-based setting.(2)

The web page for the study states: In this Danish registry-based study, we found that ever use of hormonal contraceptives was associated with a moderately increased risk of glioma among younger women.

A nearly two-fold increased risk of glioma was observed among long-term users of hormonal contraceptives

According to neurosurgeons at the University of California, Los Angeles, a glioma is a primary brain tumor that develops from glial cells, which are the brain’s supportive cells. Glial cells differ from neurons in that they have the ability to divide and multiply. In the event of this occurring too rapidly, a person may develop a glioma.

There is something you can do to prevent or at least slow brain tumor growth and that would be to start balancing your hormones the right way, the very healthy way, which is right here.

Drugs during pregnancy

Antidepressants During Pregnancy Causes An Alarming Increased Risk Of Miscarriage

(NN) Back in 2005, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that exposure to the antidepressant paroxetine (sold as Paxil, Paxil CR, and Pexeva) in the first trimester of pregnancy could increase the risk for birth defects, especially heart problems. Did this halt the widespread prescribing of paroxetine and other antidepressants for pregnant women? No.

In fact, background information in a just published study in CMAJ (the Canadian Medical Association Journal) notes the drugs are frequently used in pregnancy. Almost 4 percent of pregnant women take them at some point during the first trimester — and the result can be tragic. The new research concludes expectant moms taking antidepressants have an astounding 68 percent increase in the overall risk of miscarriage.

Most previous studies on the use of these medications in pregnancy have been small and haven’t looked as miscarriages as a main outcome. But this large study by researchers from the University of Montreal and the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center (CHU Ste-Justine) evaluated the association between antidepressant use in pregnancy in detail — analyzing classes, types and doses of the drugs and the risk of miscarriage.

In all, the scientists investigated data on 5124 women in Quebec from a large population-based cohort of pregnant women who had miscarried by 20 weeks of gestation. Then they compared their findings to a large sample of women from the same registry who carried their babies full term. Of the women who lost their babies, 284 had taken antidepressants during pregnancy.

All the popular SSRI drugs were linked to miscarriage risk

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), especially paroxetine, were associated with the increased risk of miscarriage. Venlafaxine (sold under the brand names Effexor, Alventa, Argofan, and Trevilor), which is the sixth most commonly prescribed antidepressant in the U.S., belongs to another slightly different class of SSRIs called arylalkanolamine serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) and, like paroxetine, it was also especially likely to cause miscarriages. In addition, higher daily doses of antidepressants and a combination of different drugs raised the risk of miscarriage even more.

“These results, which suggest an overall class effect of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are highly robust given the large number of users studied,” Dr. Anick Berard of the University of Montreal and the Director of the Research Unit on Medications and Pregnancy at CHU Ste-Justine wrote in the article.

Overall, an astounding number of Americans, some 27 million, now take SSRIs. However, as more studies show, new dangers from these drugs continue to be uncovered. For example, last December, Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers announced their findings that taking SSRIs also significantly raises the risk of strokes and death in women after menopause.

If you are feeling any pain during pregnancy, any nausea, headaches, insomnia or any other symptoms, then you need to improve the health of your pregnancy quickly and naturally. That is why TrulyHealthyMe is here..to not just help you conceive, but also help you stay pregnant and deliver a truly healthy baby.

Dangerous Prenatal Vitamins

Shopping For Prenatal Vitamins Could Be Dangerous

Her name is Bethany and she is 33 years old. She is pregnant with her second child, so this time she was going to make sure she took double the prenatal nutrition as she did during her first pregnancy, because her first child was born with various defects, including a heart defect. Whatever was the minimum requirement for any nutrient, she made sure she found a label that showed twice that, but more the better she thought.

She went to her local supermarket and health food store to search the endless shelves full of every artificial nutrient label she could ever read. She settled on several that she thought would surely create a healthy pregnancy, a healthy birth and of course a healthy baby.

Every day she was up early to mix her ‘prenatal shake’ then swallow her ‘prenatal nutrition’, then she started her exercises for the morning. She did this every single day until delivery day arrived. She and everyone was sure she would deliver a healthy baby girl, but instead her daughter was delivered stillborn.

She and everyone she knew were both shocked and devastated. She said, “I mean, how in God’s name could a mother had done anything more to secure the healthiest pregnancy and deliver the healthiest baby?”. No one could answer that question, especially not Bethany.

When Bethany found us a few months ago, she and her husband were going to try again, but they did not want to spend so much on Fertility Doctors nor risk the side-effects, so we suggested a much simpler, cheaper and much safer way to create a healthy pregnancy and deliver a truly healthy baby.

First, she had to change what she believed was healthy prenatal nutrition. I showed her just a few labels she had bought before that she was absolutely certain was healthy, then when we explained to her what “artificial nutrition” is and what it does to your body, especially while pregnant, she started to cry and blamed herself for not knowing the simplest fact that could have saved her child’s life.

You see, “artificial prenatal nutrition” is the least talked about cause of anything, let alone unhealthy pregnancies. Everything else is blamed out there instead, from your stress to your environment, both of which you have very little to no control over.

But you most certainly can control what you swallow every day. Here is a sample of a popular ‘prenatal vitamin’ that is chock full of the most artificial nutrition ever created in a laboratory.

ALL of these so-called nutrients are 100% artificial! Just look at the laboratory name for each of these artificial nutrients, for example artificial vitamin C is called “ascorbic acid”, which is fake vitamin C and then you have a slew of others listed, too. No one tells you these are 100% artificial, so what happens when you swallow this artificial nutrition every day? Your body depletes itself of its own real nutrition in a desperate attempt to fill the nutrient gap created more and more, until you are severely malnourished and so is your baby! Plus, let’s be honest, there could never be any plant grown in nature that has anywhere near this much nutrition in it, because nature does not grow high quantity, only high quality, and only when you know where to find the high quality plants of course, which are not sold in stores.

Are you ready to feed your entire reproductive system real nutrition from the last real food and experience a truly healthy pregnancy and baby? TrulyHealthyMe.com

Low testosterone

Widespread Male Infertility

(NN) Nearly 20 years ago, Danish scientists first broke the news to the world that men from Western countries seem to be slowly becoming infertile. Recent research seems to back this up as well, with average sperm counts having dropped to half of what they were 50 years ago.

According to reports, nearly 20 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 25 have sperm counts that are abnormally low. To put this in perspective, consider the fact that in the 1940s, men had an average of about 100 million sperm cells per millimeter of semen (m/ml). Today, the average is around 60m/ml. Those among the 20 percent with abnormal levels have less than 20m/ml.

So what is the cause behind decreasing sperm counts? Realistically, there is probably more than just one cause. Environmental toxins, synthetic food, synthetic drinks, dramatic increase in prescription drug use, water contaminants and estrogenic substances in food are all likely culprits.

“It’s most likely a reflection of the fact that many environmental and lifestyle changes over the past 50 years are inherently detrimental to sperm production,” explained Professor Richard Sharpe, a fertility research expert at the Medical Research Council, in a U.K. report.

But what scientists believe may be the biggest cause of poor semen quality in men also has something to do with what their mothers were exposed to during pregnancy, than only what the men themselves are exposed to throughout their lifetimes.

A case in point is the disastrous chemical accident that occurred in 1976 in Seveso, Italy. The incident caused the highest known human exposure to toxic chemical dioxins. It was later revealed that pregnant women who were exposed to the chemical during that time bore male children who ended up having poor sperm counts.

Other studies also seem to lend credence to the idea that lifelong sperm counts are determined during the early stages of male fetal development. Interference with the Sertoli cells, which are responsible for proper sperm development during fetal development, can lead to lifelong sperm production problems in males.

“Maternal-lifestyle factors in pregnancy can have quite substantial effects on sperm counts in sons in adulthood, and the most logical mechanism by which this could occur is via reducing the number of Sertoli cells,” explained Professor Sharpe.

In other words, prenatal exposure to toxic chemicals is a serious threat to male health, which ultimately threatens the existence of mankind.

For this reason it is vital that all women trying to conceive and especially all pregnant moms look at what they think is healthy and question exactly what is in it. For example, when your Pediatrician prescribes you a fertility drug or even a supplement, do you ever ask “what’s exactly in it?”, then look at each ingredient in the label to confirm exactly what you heard? If you do not do this, then you are literally putting the health of your pregnancy in someone else’s hands. Think about this question, because the answers you receive could shock you.

Remember, just 1 contaminant contaminates the whole thing, so it really is all or nothing, especially when it comes to reproductive health.

Want to increase sperm count and testosterone, too? Check out this truly healthy Testosterone Booster from TrulyHealthyMe.com

Obesity and Infertility

Plastic Linked To Infertility, Diabetes, Obesity and Neurological Problems

(NN) Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals, including bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates, which is found in most plastic items, has been linked to a wide array of health problems, including infertility, diabetes, obesity and neurological problems, according to a scientific statement by the Endocrine Society.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that mimic or disrupt the action of hormones in the body. Because hormones control so many delicate bodily functions, the health implications of such disruption are enormous.

Now a study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan, and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, has demonstrated another potential effect of endocrine disruption: lower vitamin D levels.

“Nearly every person on the planet is exposed to BPA and another class of endocrine-disrupting chemicals called phthalates, so the possibility that these chemicals may even slightly reduce vitamin D levels has widespread implications for public health,” said first author, Lauren Johns.

“Vitamin D plays a broad role in maintaining bone and muscle health. In addition, low vitamin D levels have been implicated in outcomes of numerous conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.” But you should never buy vitamin D, because it will surely be artificial, because only real vitamin D is found in food, not a bottle.

Are plastic chemicals causing autoimmune disease?

The new study focused on two separate classes of EDCs: the chemical BPA, found in everything from plastics to food cans; and phthalates, which are found in medical tubing, soft plastics, food packages and even cosmetics and children’s products.

The study was conducted on 4,667 adults who had participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) between 2005 and 2010. The researchers tested the participants’ urine for metabolites of BPA and phthalates, and compared these results with blood tests for vitamin D levels.

The researchers found that people with higher exposure to phthalates had significantly lower levels of circulating vitamin D. This effect was even stronger in women than in men.

The researchers found that women with higher BPA exposure also had lower vitamin D levels.

“More research is needed into why an association exists, but it is possible that EDCs alter the active form of vitamin D in the body through some of the same mechanisms that they use to impact similar reproductive and thyroid hormones,” senior author John D. Meeker said.

Sunlight does not create more vitamin D

Globally, low levels of vitamin D are considered a major public health problem; that’s because vitamin D plays a critical role in regulating several bodily systems, particularly the immune system. But it is important you know that there is no nutrition inside sunlight, so why does everyone say get some sun? Because when the sun hits your skin, there is a chain reaction that happens inside your blood that reacts to the burning of the UV rays on your skin and so your body naturally creates the vitamin D to prevent burning.

Would this vitamin D be extra vitamin D that your body did not have previously? Of course not, it was already there to begin with, so really this vitamin D your body creates comes from your vitamin D reserves, not from sunlight.

So you see, sunlight does not increase your vitamin D like everyone assumes it does, it simply forces your body to create vitamin D as a protection. So sunlight is not how you get more vitamin D, it might only be how your body creates vitamin D to protect your skin and that’s all sunlight does.

Now, if you want more vitamin D, then you need to receive all the other vitamins and minerals in your diet first, then your body will create plenty of vitamin D all by itself. Please, do not buy artificial vitamins or anything artificial, because you will only deplete your already low levels of vitamin D reserves that your body desperately needs daily.

Previously, scientists thought that vitamin D was only good for helping to build strong bones and teeth. But they now know that levels of vitamin D high enough to maintain bone health can still be low enough to cause autoimmune diseases, cancer, susceptibility to infection, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Low vitamin D levels have also been linked to dementia and even schizophrenia.

All it takes to get enough vitamin D is a raw plant-based diet, full of raw fruits or vegetables daily, preferably pesticide-free and GMO-free.

For all the real vitamin D your body will ever need, start mixing your Boosters daily and say goodbye to shopping for any vitamins or minerals.

too many pills

Conventional Infertility Treatments Are Dangerous Or “Useless”

(NN) Research on conventional infertility treatments that monitored the results of 580 couples found such treatments to have absolutely no benefit. Conducted in Scotland, the research involved five hospitals providing artificial insemination and the prescription drug clomid — a drug commonly used for treating infertility in the United States, Canada and other western nations.

The research reveals that couples attempting to conceive naturally experienced a 17% success rate (becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby) while those on the clomid drug actually had a lower rate of success: 14%. Even worse, from 10 to 20 percent of women on the drug experienced side effects that included abdominal pain, bloating, nausea and headaches.

Modern infertility treatments are “quackery”

What this research reveals is that two of the most common treatments used by conventional medicine to treat infertility are mere quackery, based on medical mythology rather than rigorous scientific scrutiny. They continue to be prescribed to patients only because doctors don’t like to “do nothing” when patients are asking for solutions, and prescribing a drug or a biological intervention is often seen as reassuring to patients who have been told and now believe the thinking that infertility is a medical problem rather than a nutrition and health problem.

While conventional doctors deride the advice of midwives who recommend ‘unproven’ natural remedies, it turns out their own infertility treatments offer absolutely no fertility benefits whatsoever to their patients. And yet patients are often paying tens of thousands of dollars for these very treatments that don’t work and even worse, risk their lives!

Much of modern medicine, it turns out, is based on quackery. In just the last year, rigorous scientific assessment of clinical trials has revealed the following:

• Antidepressant drugs work no better than placebo.
• Cholesterol drugs work no better than natural herbs and some spices.
• Artificially lowering your cholesterol or blood pressure produces has no health benefits.
• Chemotherapy shortens the life of anyone who receives it.

In fact, finding a conventional medical procedure that actually works to reverse a degenerative health condition seems virtually impossible. No conventional oncologist, for example, has ever produced a single cancer patient who has been cured of cancer.

Why infertility is now so high

Over 33% of couples now experience infertility for no explainable reason. Fertility doctors remain mystified, and amazingly, almost nobody in conventional medicine has yet figured out that fertility is linked to diet and life-long exposure to toxic chemicals.

While couples are chowing down junk foods, taking prescription medications and turning their bodies into toxic chemical waste dumps, fertility doctors scratch their heads and wonder… “Gee… What could be causing this fertility problem?” The only thing they can offer is more toxic chemicals, of course!

Meanwhile, the rampant abuse of toxic chemicals in personal care products, household cleaners, food additives, preservatives and pharmaceuticals is causing trans-generational DNA damage.

What Does All This Mean For You?

Consumers who contaminate their bodies with hundreds of different toxic chemicals, you see, are causing DNA damage that is not merely genetic, but epigenetic, meaning it passes on the expression of the DNA to the next generation. While this idea remains blasphemous in conventional medicine, it has become apparent to those scientists who are paying attention (like Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology Of Belief) who explains how gene expression is now carried from one generation to the next, and exposure to toxic chemicals causes trans-generational genetic damage into the next generation.

And this damage wreaks havoc on your reproductive system.

And that’s not a very good thing for the future of human civilization, because if we are to survive as a species, we need to stop the constant bombardment of toxic chemicals inside our body and of course outside our body, too, otherwise, infertility will be just one of the serious health problems we have and it already is.

What Can You Do?

First, you can stop eating and drinking anything that contains a non-food ingredient. Second, remove toxic cleaners, soaps, shampoos and anything else that touches your body, from your household. Third, you should start mixing your Fertility Booster and Testosterone Booster daily, until you can conceive and then continue through pregnancy to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth.

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Happy Pregnancy

How We Reversed Infertility

(NN) Like so many others, we were living the norm, routinely stopping off at the gas station to fill up on refined sugar, caramel coloring and dyes. We didn’t blink, shoveling in the donuts — the comfort of each glazed, bleached pastry passing through. McDonalds and Taco Bell were convenient too — a rush of sodium, grease and fake meat. Boxes of processed foods and junk food cereals were cheap and addicting — the flavor science flirting with our tongues.

We didn’t realize that what we consumed had a direct impact on the health of our internal organs, the strength of our immune system, the clarity of our minds. We were practically void of vegetables, spices and fruits, and knew nothing about herbs, berries and roots.

That’s when our health problems began and infertility set in

It didn’t take long for health problems to begin nagging at us, day in and day out, even in our young marriage. Migraines and sinusitis were all too common. Inflammation was severe, from sciatica pain to sinus inflammation. Could it be some random act? How were we responsible for the way we felt, for the health problems we were facing?

When my wife began having recurring urinary tract infections, we knew that something was going wrong. Not long after, she began to retain water and lose menstruation. That’s when she began experiencing debilitating pain in her female parts — as the pain of ovarian cysts struck. After seeing a doctor, we felt uneasy about the path that we were on. We wanted to address the root of the problem, not cover up symptoms.

Taking responsibility

So we seized the moment and took our health into our own hands. We were encouraged by a family member to start experimenting with certain diet changes and cleansing herbs. Our research and pursuit for health led us to study plant-based medicine. This knowledge became our power, transforming our health from that day forward. What we implemented over the next eight months rebalanced our hormones, cleansed our blood (and organs) and provided our cells with more energy than ever before. Within eight months of detoxification, the bacteria plaguing her urinary tract were no longer. Sinus infections and migraines were not reoccurring. Most importantly, my wife’s cysts began to dissolve, exiting her body. Finally, her menstruation cycle returned!

Here’s what we did right off the bat

We stopped drinking from plastic bottles, which leach hormone-disrupting phthalates and plasticizers into the body. Instead, we purchased a standalone activated-charcoal and reverse-osmosis filtration system that effectively removed heavy metals, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, fluoride, pesticides and pharmaceutical runoff from our drinking water. We drank more of this clean water than ever before (120 or more ounces daily), and we drank from glass.

The second change that we made was under the kitchen sink. We removed any kind of cleaner, detergent, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. that contained absorbable or breathable chemicals that are allergenic or hazardous.

Healing really began when we stopped eating certain crutches, like donuts, fast food, Pop Tarts, junk cereals and soda. Instead, we started drinking health foods like organic apple cider vinegar and even juiced organic oranges for ourselves often. We also started mixing this special Fertility Booster and Testosterone Booster daily, which really helped jump start the gentle detoxing of our blood and organs of all the toxic chemicals that accumulated in our reproductive system over the years, then conceiving became real easy!

Today we have 3 children who have never been sick and also enjoy the healthy lifestyle we have created for them. None of our children ask for or even want junk food and what’s even better than that is they all love vegetables, because we love vegetables. We have never felt better.

You can start right now. TrulyHealthyMe.com

Drugs during pregnancy

The Growing Infertility Epidemic Affecting Millions Of Americans

(NN) It seems as though everyone knows someone who struggles with infertility. It can be extremely devastating for any woman trying to conceive, when she looks at the little blue stick month after month only to see the same tell-tale negative sign. In the United States, a woman is considered to have infertility problems if she is unable to get pregnant after 12 months of trying to conceive without contraception.

According to government statistics, 6.7 million women and two million married couples are infertile. 35 percent of men are estimated to be sub-fertile and two percent of men are totally infertile. In 1968, there were only 600,000 office visits for infertility compared to the millions who fill up OB/GYN waiting rooms today.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has little to offer in the area of infertility other than diagnostic tests, fertility drugs, and IVF (in vitro fertilization) that is mostly geared towards the female. They chalk the increase in infertility numbers up to better diagnostics, better trained or specialized physicians, and media publicity from new treatments. Because of a failure to acknowledge this growing epidemic, little government-funded research has been done into the actual causes of infertility – maybe because the findings might be controversial and go against what the drug industry promotes, or maybe because conventional medicine focuses on disease symptomology and not underlying causes.

The natural health community attributes 40 percent of infertility problems to men, 40 percent to women, and about 20 percent to unknown origin. A list of reasons, including some ridiculous, for infertility in men include: an increase in body temperature from tight clothing and hot baths, cholesterol and auto-immune disease medications, amino acid, vitamin C, B, E, or zinc deficiencies, a lack of DHEA, stress, cortisol or pH imbalance, age and time of year, occupational hazards, radiation from cell phones, malnutrition, heavy metals, alcohol, infections, smoking, cottonseed oil, and genetically modified cotton and other foods, steroids, phyto-estrogens from soy products, chemotherapy and STDs.

Factors known to cause infertility in women include: a pH imbalance, stress, lack of calcium needed for fertilization, pelvic inflammatory disease, an STD, HPV vaccine, allergy, cholesterol, and over-the-counter NSAID medications, hormone imbalance, emotional issues, white sugar, thyroid imbalance, malnutrition, artificial vitamin supplements, alcohol use, smoking, genetically modified foods which lack the nutrients necessary for fertility (because they are infertile themselves), high fructose corn syrup, phyto-estrogens from soy products, vaginitis, caffeine, and a lack of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, or K.

Very few, if any, of the above things on these lists are addressed when people sit down with a doctor to discuss infertility problems – but maybe it should. There are many natural remedies for improving fertility but the most effective route is to first remove the things that could be impeding conception, avoid genetically modified foods for at least six months before trying to conceive, and consume a healthy diet rich in nutrients from food that you know is actually full these fertility nutrients. Once you do this, the reasons for infertility, that little blue stick might just yield a positive.

Want to start right now? TrulyHealthyMe.com